I finished the invite and RSVP for my good friends Keith and Lisa. Here they are with the Save the Date that I finished over the summer. Filler text included to preserve their privacy. 

For those who are curious - the fonts I used were Jellykka - Nathaniel a Mystery, Moon Flower Bold, and Deftone Stylus. 

Message me here or email me at jaycrosbybarry@gmail.com if you’re interested in commissioning me!

Inktober badger hiding in some flowers.

Collapse. Graphite and digital. Self-directed environmental awareness illustration about the quick and alarming decline of honey bees over the recent years. 

Some progress shots of my latest illustration about the alarming decline of honey bees. Expect a post soon!

I don’t usually use Illustrator, but I messed around with it a bit today to create this grizzly bear silhouette.  Eventually this is going to be printed traditionally, but for now here are some digital versions.

First Illustration assignment of the semester was to Illustrate a mad lib and the only imagery that made a lick of sense was a dog fetching a fish. So there yah have it. Had a lot of fun with the gesture and movement of this one, actually. Enjoy!

More bear sketches.

An editorial about child labor on US tobacco farms and the damage it does both mentally and physically.

A botanical linoleum print from last semester. Excited to take my first official printmaking course this semester!

An old linoleum print, digitally colored.